CAPTION: Bishop Sarah in Exmouth

Bishop Sarah praying on the streets of Exmouth

Posted: 26th May, 2017

Bishop Sarah has been out and about in Exmouth praying for people and listening to their concerns.

She met passengers on the train, staff and customers in M&S and in cafes along the Strand, before visiting Beacon School and meeting teachers and pupils.

As part of Thy Kingdom Come, churches across Devon are opening their doors for prayer, and all prayers will be collected and brought to Exeter Cathedral for a special event on Sunday 4 June at 6.30pm.

Bishop Sarah said: “The response by so many people to the terrible attack in Manchester is to pray for those killed and injured, and their families. When we feel so helpless, one thing we can do is turn to God and pray. This is what I’ll be doing over the next nine days. Prayer has the real power to change our hearts and minds and actions, and bring peace.”

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