CAPTION: Water pan in Thika

Update on the drought affecting Thika

Posted: 3rd April, 2017

The Bishop of Thika, the Rt. Revd. Julius Wanyoike,  has sent an update to us on the drought situation in the lower parts of our link Diocese. These are: Gatuanyaga, Thungururu, Ithanga, Mithi-ini and Kirimiri parishes, which are in the semi-arid and arid areas.

Bishop Julius said: “The amount of rainfall received in these areas was not enough to yield enough food for domestic consumption for more than 95 percent of the population. This is especially because these people had not invested fully in the Farming God’s Way initiative and those who practised it did not have enough resources for a huge production. Majority of them are depending on buying food supplies. The most affected members in these areas are the elderly and families that do not have a regular source of income.

“The County and National government as well as other NGOs have donated maize, beans and cooking oil. However, our visit to Thungururu (one of the affected areas) on March 17, revealed only 60 percent of the population were fortunate enough to be reached.

“We can also confirm that the area requires a lasting water harvesting solution. We noted that too much heat from the sun affected the water pans which have been covered by polythene bags, while some rodents have destroyed the polythene lining hence leaking through of harvested water. We thus recommend the use of plastic tanks – which we launched on the same day and/or using bricks and waterproof to construct round the water pans to prevent the leakage.

“We have also began mobilizing our Christians to give their donations of food. We reach to you for your prayers as we hope for God’s provision of adequate rainfall.”

To donate direct to Thika for future food and water sustainability please send a cheque to Jess Phillips at the Old Deanery. Please make the cheque payable to EDBF ltd and clearly marked for the Thungururu FGW project in Thika.

Or if you are able, please donate to the East Africa Food Crisis appeal please also pray for all those affected by the drought and for those working to help them.