Common Tenure

Common Tenure – a Guide for Clergy

This section gives advice and guidance on your Statement of Particulars (SoP) and Common Tenure in general. Your SoP records the terms on which you hold office with the Diocese of Exeter. Should you find an error in the statement or should you not understand the meaning of any clause, please seek advice – in the first instance from the Archdeacon.

Copies of the Clergy (Terms of Service) Regulations are available on-line at

Clergy Terms of Service Handbook

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Policies (family friendly)

This section details the rights and entitlements for ecclesiastical Office Holders under the ‘Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Regulations 2010 (also referred to as ‘Clergy Terms of Service Regulations’ or ‘Common Tenure’) associated with:

The Bishop’s Guidelines

It should also be noted that all clergy, regardless of their form of tenure, are subject to the provisions contained within the Canons, the Clergy Discipline Measure, the current law related to patronage, the appointments procedure and anti-discrimination legislation (apart from the specific exemptions granted). Much of this is outlined in the Bishop’s Guidelines.

These Bishop’s Guidelines are intended as an appendix to the Clergy Handbook which is a formal part of the arrangements for holding office under Common Tenure within the diocese. Although the legal framework of the Handbook does not strictly apply to those who have a freehold appointment or do not hold a licence, these Guidelines express the Bishop’s expectations for the conduct of all ordained ministry within the diocese.

The chapters are therefore intended as guidelines as to the way in which those who minister under the authority of the Bishop are to conduct that ministry. Much of what is printed here should be common sense, whilst some of it is contained in Canon Law or Act of Parliament and is included here for convenience and completeness. Nothing printed here should be taken as superseding Canon or other law. However, much of the content is a statement of expectation on those matters for which the Bishop may make local provision or give local direction.





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