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Bishop Robert Thy Kingdom Come

Posted: 1st March, 2017

Between Ascension Day and Pentecost, the whole Church will be praying for Thy Kingdom Come, a prayer campaign led by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Watch the video by Bishop Robert to see how what we are doing in this diocese to grow in prayer, and how we can come together during these nine days to pray that more people may experience God’s love. Templates for the prayer boxes shown in the video will be available…

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Bishop Robert’s February Letter to the Diocese

Posted: 3rd February, 2017

The Right Reverend Robert Atwell, Bishop of Exeter records his February letter to the Diocese.  The text of his letter is printed in the February 2017 issue of the Church of England Devon magazine.

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Reflect to be prepared

Posted: 20th January, 2017

The Ven Christopher Futcher, Archdeacon of Exeter, records his January letter to the Diocese. The text of this letter can be found in the January edition of the Devon Magazine.

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The best presents are the ones that come with love

Posted: 16th December, 2016

Presents which express love change lives, says Bishop Robert in his Christmas message. He recalls his favourite Christmas present, aged seven – a plane from balsawood that his Dad had made him. It was so special because he knew his Dad had spent hours making it, with love and care and attention. Christmas itself is a gift to all of us – a gift of love from God, which will transform lives, if we will…

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Bishop Sarah December letter

Posted: 8th December, 2016

The Rt Rev Sarah Mullally, Bishop of Crediton records her December letter to the diocese. The text of the letter is printed in the December 2016 issue of the Church of England Devon magazine.

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Mother’s Union take part in 16 days of activism against gender violence at Exeter Cathedral

Posted: 28th November, 2016

Mothers’ Union is a Christian membership organisation, with a focus on supporting families and promoting stable family life and the protection of children. They have four million members in 83 countries around the world. They work by praying, campaigning, empowering and enabling communities to provide practical support and care to those who need it. Mothers’ Union members around the world are working to end gender-based violence by providing practical support and care to those affected…

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