CAPTION: A team of volunteers counting and distributing the palm crosses

Palm crosses from Cyprus and the Gulf distributed across Devon

Posted: 10th April, 2017

Bishop Robert traveled to Exmouth to help a team of volunteers count and distribute palm crosses that were then sent out across Devon. The palm leaves are gathered and collected together from across Cyprus and the Gulf by volunteers. They are crafted into palm crosses in time for their Synod in February, before being sent over to Exmouth.

Bishop Robert distributing palm crosses

Mark Perry who oversees the distribution of the palm crosses throughout Devon said: “We take orders from parishes throughout the Diocese of Exeter. Once the crosses have arrived here in Exmouth, a group of volunteers from Littleham cum Exmouth Parish count the crosses and we then distribute them around the Diocese.  Some are posted, but many are delivered by car.  The money received from the parishes is sent back to the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf. We receive around 15,000 crosses and distribute most of them. We are very grateful for the time and energy the volunteers put into counting so many crosses”.