Christians are called to work for the fair sharing of the gifts of God brought through Creation, including the feeding of the hungry and the quest for justice and mercy. We are ultimately judged by how we share food together for the benefit of all – the promotion of the common good. Food to feed and flourish

Fair and Local Harvest

How we live today effects how others will eat in the future. Much of the world’s food production is dependent on fossil fuels and is unsustainable. Farmers and food growers face challenging issues and we need to review how we produce, distribute and consume food. So this Harvest, please acknowledge all growers and producers of ‘Our Daily Bread’ and help encourage a trading environment which is fairer to all – both here in Devon and across the globe. Fair and Local Produce Harvest Resource Pack

Food Poverty

Poverty indicators suggest about 4 million people in Britain are not fed properly by today’s standards. Over three and a half million adults cannot afford to eat healthily and well over half a million children live in families who cannot afford to feed them adequately. Adults frequently skimp on their own food to feed their children.

These are now real issues facing people in parts of Devon, as evidenced by voluntary agencies such as local CABx, Food Banks and other charities, as well as from health statistics and IMD figures. It is estimated that 7% of adults cannot regularly access fresh fruit or vegetables.

There are now more than 28 Foodbank projects in Devon, most of which have reported a 100% – 200% rise in demand from local people between November 2012 and Summer 2014.

Food Security

There are strong indications that we face a number of significant issues pertinent to food supplies and availability.

See ‘Feeding Devon’s Future’, July 2014

Food Waste

In Britain we throw away about one third of all our good food every day. This wastes money, causes pollution and at the same time thousands of people are living on poor quality diets and innutritious food.

Devon & Cornwall Food Association (DCFA) was set up in 2011 to ensure that usable, in-date food does not go to landfill but is distributed to those most in need; thus reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring that those in need within our communities can access healthy food and improve their lifestyles.

DCFA is a church-supported project that works with volunteers from 3 hubs in Plymouth, Exeter and Lostwithiel in Cornwall.

Exeter Community Food Network (ECFN)

ECFN was set up in 2014 as a forum which brings together almost twenty organisations in and around the city concerned with local food projects and making healthy, sustainable food available and accessible to all. These include voluntary sector organisations, local authority partners, educational initiatives, faith communities, food sustainability projects, neighbourhood growing schemes and emergency food providers. By working with one another we are able to share ideas and resources, develop new activities and promote the good work already happening. ECFN is affiliated to the Sustainable Food Cities network and meets every three months to develop awareness and action.

The Plymouth Food Charter

Good food is vital to the quality of peoples’ lives in Plymouth. By promoting healthy and sustainable food as part of a thriving food economy, the Plymouth Food Charter aims to improve health and wellbeing for all.

Community Food Projects

There is a growing number of community schemes which involve food – community farms, orchards, allotments, gardens, cultural kitchens, healthy eating, ‘Love Local Food’ and ‘Food for Life partnership’. Some churches are using their land for food growing (e.g. Kingskerswell, Cullompton) or premises for preparing and cooking food (St. Sidwell’s, Exeter and Community Café at St. Aubyn’s, Devonport).

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