CAPTION: The water pan in Thika funded by the Diocese of Exeter

Support needed for our link Diocese in Thika

Posted: 20th March, 2017

Our link Diocese in Thika has been named as one of the famine affected areas throughout East Africa due to the extreme drought.

Daniel Kitchener from Umlimited Church was part of the group from Exeter Diocese that visited Thika last autumn. He reported: “the lower region of Thika is the driest in the Diocese and water shortage is a huge issue. Water scarcity is not only due to lack of rain, but also because of water being used for large scale farming, leaving little for the locals”.

Bishop Julius, the Bishop of Thika introduced a water pan initiative to help the communities trap and store water during the rainy season. These are of similar sizes to small swimming pools. When visiting Thika Daniel Kitchener visited a large water pan funded by the Diocese of Exeter which has been successful in storing trapped water which the locals use to keep their animals alive.  Daniel also explained how they visited a smaller water pan which someone from the local community had built on their land. Unfortunately it had not been successful in holding the water.

Bishop Robert who visited Thika last autumn said: “according to the United Nations, Africa is facing its greatest humanitarian crisis in decades with more than 20 million people are at risk of starvation. During our visit to Thika the farmers brought produce for the bishop to bless, things I had only ever seen on television like sugar cane, gourds and cassava. I remember one farmer presented the bishop with three eggs. It was all he had. It represented the first fruits of his labour. The little that people had they shared, and they did so gladly and with thanksgiving to God.”

Millions of men, women and children are in need of urgent help across East Africa. To donate direct to Thika for future food and water sustainability please send a cheque to Jess Phillips at the Old Deanery. Please make the cheque payable to EDBF ltd and clearly marked for the Thungururu FGW project in Thika.

Or if you are able, please donate to the East Africa Food Crisis appeal please also pray for all those affected by the drought and for those working to help them.