CAPTION: Valentine's heart making workshops

A thousand hearts given away on Valentine’s Day!

Posted: 16th February, 2017

Suzanne Dugmore came up with the idea of using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to reach out to strangers with her own “Take Heart” project. When Suzanna gave Kirsty Hammond a handmade salt dough heart with a bible message attached to it Kirsty decided to get her whole church involved at All Saints Sidmouth. People from the church volunteered and made hundreds of hearts in workshops led by Suzanne, out of salt dough, felt and fabric and attached bible messages of love to them. On Valentine’s day they took to the streets of Sidmouth and handed out their handmade hearts to strangers passing by.

Kirsty Hammond said: “It was really rewarding giving them out. Some people were nervous as they thought we were selling something. Those that accepted often gave us a donation. It was lovely to be able to give something that was simply a small act of kindness.  Personally, I thought the men seemed to be more touched. One chap, who I thought looked a little grumpy, was so chuffed he asked for another to give to someone. He came back to tell us how happy she was. Another lady told me she “needed that” as she had recently lost her husband and she married him on Valentine’s Day. Others were just so touched and their whole body language changed to happiness and you could see them being blessed. It was just such a great day as we spread the message of God’s love and hope, on a dreary wet and windy day in February.”

They also handed them out to people in hospitals, hairdressers and shops!