CAPTION: Seated sanctuary round the stump of a felled Cedar tree.

All Saints Church Okehampton has created a quiet space for prayer and reflection

Posted: 30th August, 2018

All Saints Church in Okehampton has created a seated sanctuary round the stump of a recently felled Cedar tree in one of its churchyards. A crown, with a prayer engraved onto it, has been placed on top of the stump and four contoured benches have been added.

The project came about following the Devon Living Churchyards Conference at Buckfast Abbey last year and a visit from David Curry, the diocese’s Voluntary Environment Advisor.

David Back, who was responsible for the project, said: “The aim was to create a quiet space in the churchyard for prayer, remembrance and reflection and to encourage people to sit quietly and connect with the abundant wildlife. Following a lot of fund-raising and hard work in the community, the sanctuary was completed last month and was blessed by the Reverent Stephen Cook.

“At the moment the sanctuary stands out a bit, but when the bases and benches have weathered and the grass regrows it should blend in with the environment.”