CAPTION: The Bishop of Plymouth and his wife with food from some of the South West producers they are supporting during Lent

Bishop Eats Local For Lent

Posted: 26th February, 2021

The Bishop of Plymouth is supporting South West businesses during Lent by only eating local produce.

The Right Reverend Nick McKinnel and his wife are only eating food sourced in Devon and Cornwall until Easter Sunday on 4 April.

Bishop Nick, who is Devonian by birth, said “This seems a helpful way to support local producers, as well as reducing the need for air and road transport, though admittedly it does go a little against the tradition of fasting in Lent.

A lot of food and drink products can be sourced in Devon and Cornwall

“There is excellent meat sold by local farms and with restaurants closed at the moment, fresh fish landed that morning is available for home delivery.

“Obviously bananas and mangoes can’t be on our menu, but plenty of vegetables, fruit, cereals and other foods are grown somewhere in Devon and Cornwall, as well as drinks.”

The Bishop said during Lent there was “a need to look beyond ourselves.”

He said “Times are hard for some families at the moment, and even here in Devon there are those who struggle to put food on their plates.

“It’s great to see churches and organisations like Transforming Plymouth Together working with other agencies to collect and deliver food, and to support foodbanks, a real practical example of “loving our neighbour.”

Bishop Nick said Lent, which lasts for 40 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, was a good opportunity for people to reconnect with their faith “to give time to prayer and reading, opening ourselves afresh to God.”