CAPTION: Bishop Nick visits Devon’s Global Centre

Bishop Nick visits Global Centre and St Sidwell’s to discuss racism and cultural diversity in Devon

Posted: 12th July, 2018

Bishop Nick visited Devon’s Global Centre at the Exeter Community Centre earlier this week to find out more about local people’s experiences of racism and cultural diversity. He also visited St. Sidwell’s Centre in Exeter to discuss its work helping to improve English language skills, sharing cultural meals together and supporting vulnerable minorities in the city.

He heard how the number of racist attacks on people in Devon has risen recently, but also how cultural diversity, which enriches our lives, is increasingly being recognised and celebrated through different community groups.

The Global Centre is run by the charity Devon Development Education (DDE). For over 20 years, DDE has been working with schools and communities to help children and people of all ages understand global issues and make links with the ‘global village’ within and outside Devon; and to work together for a more just and sustainable world. The DDE’s Cultural Champions are available to visit churches and community groups on request.


For further details about churches and cultural diversity in the diocese, please email Martyn Goss, Director of Church and Society.