CAPTION: Liz Dunbar felt called to action after hearing members of the pop group Pussy Riot speak at a festival

Campaigners form Christian Climate Action group for Devon

Posted: 19th September, 2019

A Devon Christian who is desperate to protect ‘our God-created planet’ and take urgent action on climate chaos has spoken out about why she and other local campaigners have formed a Devon branch of the Christian Climate Action (CCA) group.

Liz Dunbar, who worships at Exeter Cathedral, joined Extinction Rebellion (XR) and CCA last year to urge the Government, organisations and fellow citizens to act upon the climate emergency that the planet faces.

Scientific consensus is that the climate is changing at an unprecedented rate because of human activity, and this poses an imminent threat to the future of humanity and other species. Liz said: “I think we have completely run out of time for other methods.

“We feel called to take action to protect our God-created planet and to love our neighbours who are already suffering.”

“We need all green organisations and Earth protectors to come together and be a joint force to be reckoned with.

“The actions of all the governments alone in the world are not enough.”

Liz said she felt moved to join XR and CCA after hearing the Russian pop group Pussy Riot speak at the Greenbelt festival.

“CCA is a broad and ecumenical community of Christians supporting each other in acts of non-violent direct action and public witness, to highlight the climate crisis and urge government, organisations and
fellow citizens to act.”

Liz, who is studying for the Exeter Diocese Foundations in Christian Ministry course, added: “We feel called to take action to protect our God-created planet and to love our neighbours who are already suffering.

“Some people focus on CCA in their prayer life, some do lots of organising and logistics, some do talks in churches around the country, some offer liturgy and creativity for on-the-street protests, and others are willing to be arrested to get their message across.

“We believe that there is a biblical basis for this but recognise that not everyone is in a position to risk arrest or the accompanying consequences.”

For more information, visit Christian Climate Action or email christianclimateactiondevon@

You can also get in touch with the diocese Church and Society Officer, Chris Keppie