Alpha Course

‘There is no such thing as a stupid question – if you’re asking it someone else is probably thinking it!’ Stephen Moakes, Tiverton

The Alpha course is open to everyone. It is a safe place to come and ask the questions that really matter. No previous special knowledge of Christianity or the Bible is needed and there is no hymn singing. There’s usually an informal meal and relaxed group discussions where you can join in or just listen. While the autumn is a key time for many courses to start, in some areas they are run throughout the year.

Stephen Moakes was invited to join a course in Tiverton. He enjoyed mixing with a group of people at different stages in their exploration of faith.

A Willand resident who took part in Alpha at St Mary’s recently says: ‘I really enjoyed the group I was in, everyone was lovely and friendly. I felt I could talk and ask questions at ease’.

All over Devon Alpha courses welcome the curious, the sceptical and the uncertain. As many as 150 courses are run in different locations across Devon including Barnstaple, Exeter, Plymouth and Torquay. There are several Youth Alphas and at least one special Senior Alpha, tailored to the 75 years and above generation.

To find a course near you go to the Alpha website.