Thy Kingdom Come 2019

Will you join the global wave of prayer this year?

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are inviting Christians to join another amazing wave of prayer across the UK and around the world – praying that people you know might come to know Jesus. It’s happening between Ascension and Pentecost from 30 May – 9 June.

Vision – In response to Archbishop Justin’s ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer focus we want to encourage a wide variety and expression of prayer activities and gatherings across every mission community / parish in the diocese, and with other denominations during the nine days between Ascension and Pentecost 2019.

Impact from 2018 – A survey following Thy Kingdom Come 2018 showed the impact that the movement is making. An amazing 91% prayed for friends and family to come to know Jesus; 85% felt motivated to pray more often; and 42% of people felt more motivated to talk to others about Jesus. There was a big increase across our diocese in churches engaging with Thy Kingdom Come with events both in church and in local parks, cafés, schools, homes, shop spaces and markets. Summary clip: –

In a recent interview, Archbishop Justin, said:

“When the Archbishop of York and I launched it, we hoisted a small sail rather nervously, and there was a howling gale of the Spirit which seemed to carry this whole thing forward in the most beautiful way.”

Thy Kingdom Come invites us to grow in prayer – praying as individuals, in families, with friends, with Christian brothers and sisters across the wider church in Devon and for those who do not yet know Jesus.

The shared hope for this wave of prayer is that as Christians pray together we will:

  • be transformed through prayer
  • be given new confidence and encouragement by the Holy Spirit
  • be effective witnesses to Jesus Christ

What are we encouraging across Devon as our response to ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ 2019?

  • A wide expression of prayer events across the diocese – churches, schools, community places, and ecumenically (we are especially partnering with the Methodist church this year).
  • A mini-pilgrimage! To a special Thy Kingdom Come  ‘beacon’ celebration & prayer event in Exeter Cathedral on Pentecost Sunday evening as a conclusion to our prayer focus including a commissioning of God’s people to return in the power of the Spirit to continue in our call to grow in prayer, make new disciples and serve our communities with joy.


Our Vision

Growing in prayer, Making new disciples, Serving the people of Devon with joy
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