Getting married?

Finding a venue is an important part of planning for a wedding, but choosing your local church means so much more than just getting married in an historic building.

Weddings in the Church of England are an opportunity to make a commitment to your partner in the presence of your friends and family and before God. You will also have the support and guidance of the church minister as you prepare for your big day.

Marriage Preparation

As part of their commitment to strengthening marriages, many churches also offer ‘marriage preparation’ or ‘marriage enrichment’ courses. These give practical help and encouragement to couples who are married or engaged and are a great opportunity to spend time talking with your partner about your life and relationship. Sessions are usually arranged so that you don’t have to discuss things with anyone other than your partner if you don’t want to.

Enquire with your local minister whether these are available or visit The Exeter Community Family Trust  a Christian charity serving Exeter and the surrounding area. For some quick stress busters and a relationship quiz as well as resources to help you prepare for first or second marriages visit Prepare for Marriage.

Getting married in church

If you are interested in getting married in church, please get in touch with the church as soon as you know the date of your wedding. Just like reception venues, churches can get booked up a long way in advance, and it is also necessary to make sure that a minister is available to take the marriage ceremony.

You are entitled to get married in your parish church or a church which you attend regularly. You may also be able to get married in another church with which you or your family have a strong connection.

You can find out more information about getting married in church here.

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