Devon Church to Host Musical Evening to Support Ukraine

Posted: 30th January, 2024

St Matthew’s Church in Torquay will be hosting an evening of music, filled with performances and heartfelt melodies, to support Ukraine.

A range of talented musicians will be showcasing their skills, playing a variety of genres, including classical, jazz, pop, folk, and there will even be a performance by a 10 year old Elvis Impersonator!

The event has been put on to support Ukraine and it’s people, helping to move families and vulnerable people to places of safety.

It came about after Charlie Allansen, from Torquay, visited Ukraine last year.

He was there to ensure safe arrival and equitable distribution of Humanitarian & Medical Aid, but mainly generators, that he had collected in the Bay and beyond. Generators are urgently needed for hospitals and schools during times of frequent power outages in Ukraine.

Ruslan Zuev has been working to move vulnerable people to places of safety.

During his time in Ukraine, Charlie met Ruslan Zuev. Ruslan was a Salvation Army officer in the Crimea when, in 2014, Russia annexed it- a position still denounced by the international community.

It was during these violent times that Ruslan believed God was telling him to start taking vulnerable people from places of danger to places of safety.

In 2024, Ruslan is still taking in elderly, vulnerable families and children from dangerously exposed parts of Ukraine to places of safety, including Poland and adjoining countries.

The hope is for Ruslan to borrow or rent a Minibus to help him in transporting people to places of safety.

To help this, Charlie Allansen has gathered together a few friends from Churches in Torbay, and together they are determined to raise £17,500, which is the likely cost of a used MiniBus.

Approximately £400 has already been raised under a local Charitable Trust.

The Musical Evening to Support Ukraine event will raise funds to make a difference to families in Ukraine by moving them to safer spaces.

All are welcome to come along to the event on the 9 February 2024 at 7pm. Tickets cost £10, and include a glass of wine and nibbles.

Click here for more information about the event and to book your ticket.