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Diocesan Synod approves Domestic Abuse policy

Posted: 9th November, 2018

Many people in our communities have or are experiencing domestic abuse. Research shows that abuse amongst those involved with the church is as prevalent as other parts of our communities and sadly, there is evidence of churches failing to respond well to victims and survivors.

Synod has given a clear endorsement of our commitment to ensuring those experiencing abuse can turn to our churches and our people for support, and that we will respond well.

On 13 October, Diocesan Synod considered and approved adoption of the Diocesan domestic abuse policy statement.

The adoption of this policy forms part of our programme to raise awareness of domestic abuse which will culminate in the delivery of key seminars to be held at locations near Newton Abbott, Crediton, and Hatherleigh on 18, 19 and 20 March 2019. This will be an opportunity for clergy and safeguarding representatives to hear from experts and explore how our churches and our faith can play a part in preventing and challenging abuse and responding well to those who choose to seek help from us. Details of locations and how to enrol will be published soon.

Interim guidance and best practice can be found on our Diocesan Safeguarding webpage at: safeguarding resources.