You can search the diocesan database for parishes and mission communities and to find out contact details for clergy, readers and parish officers, where they have given their permission to be included.

Archdeaconry Details for Exeter

Readers with Permission to Officiate

Mr Robert Brierley
Email Mr Robert Brierley

Dr Anthony Balfour
Tel: 01392 467906
Email Dr Anthony Balfour

Capt Ian Brannam
Tel: 01884 820745
Email Capt Ian Brannam

Prof David Catchpole
Tel: 01884 252100
Email Prof David Catchpole

Mrs Elizabeth Corner
Tel: 01460 259898

Dr Mark Davie
Tel: 01392 275637
Email Dr Mark Davie

Mrs Pamela TilneyEllis
Tel: 01363 777747
Email Mrs Pamela TilneyEllis

Mr Ernest Fox
Tel: 01297 22398
Email Mr Ernest Fox

Mr Bob Hooper
Tel: 01392 881329
Email Mr Bob Hooper

Mrs Ann Hurley
Tel: 01395 488203
Email Mrs Ann Hurley

Mrs Pauline Mortimer
Tel: 01395 271390
Email Mrs Pauline Mortimer

Mr Michael Lewis
Tel: 01395 225564

Mr Peter Grinyer
Tel: 01392 873337
Email Mr Peter Grinyer

Mr Ian Cartwright
Tel: 01392 498164
Email Mr Ian Cartwright

Mrs Anna Hansford
Tel: 01884 253463
Email Mrs Anna Hansford

Miss Ann Leigh
Tel: 01626 864907
Email Miss Ann Leigh

Mr Terry Anning
Tel: 01404 861652
Email Mr Terry Anning

Mr Brian Inwood
Tel: 01647 252519
Email Mr Brian Inwood

Dr Jack Shelley
Tel: 01363 775153
Email Dr Jack Shelley

Mrs Tricia Stuckey
Tel: 01626 775304
Email Mrs Tricia Stuckey

Mrs Faith Wood
Tel: 01392 829822
Email Mrs Faith Wood

Mrs Christine Channon
Tel: 01395 442927
Email Mrs Christine Channon

Mrs Susan Price
Tel: 01297 22314
Email Mrs Susan Price

Mr Peter Byrd
Tel: 01395 519221
Email Mr Peter Byrd

Mrs Joan Berry
Tel: 01823 601386
Email Mrs Joan Berry

Mrs Katharine Simson
Tel: 01884 841984
Email Mrs Katharine Simson

Mr John Trickett
Tel: 01392 834975
Email Mr John Trickett