You can search the diocesan database for parishes and mission communities and to find out contact details for clergy, readers and parish officers, where they have given their permission to be included.

Archdeaconry Details for Plymouth

Readers with Permission to Officiate

Mr Paul Colman
Tel: 01752 267237
Email Mr Paul Colman

Mrs Jean Medway
Tel: 01752 401986

Mr David Short
Tel: 01752 665979
Email Mr David Short

Mr Ian Silcox
Tel: 01822 612751
Email Mr Ian Silcox

Mr Roy Matthews
Tel: 01822 258917
Email Mr Roy Matthews

Mrs Margaret Provost
Tel: 01752 319528
Email Mrs Margaret Provost

Mr Harry Davies
Tel: 01822 841226
Email Mr Harry Davies

Mr Mac Forsyth
Tel: 01752 664945
Email Mr Mac Forsyth

Mrs Wendy Pezzey
Tel: 01752 218432
Email Mrs Wendy Pezzey

Mrs Caroline Lee
Tel: 01882 832436
Email Mrs Caroline Lee

Mr Kerry Elson
Tel: 01822 854217
Email Mr Kerry Elson

Mr Philip Tuckett
Tel: 01822 870394
Email Mr Philip Tuckett

Mrs Judy Earl
Tel: 01752 202593
Email Mrs Judy Earl

Mrs Wendy Roderick
Tel: 01566 784721
Email Mrs Wendy Roderick

Mrs Pippa Brown
Tel: 01822 855922
Email Mrs Pippa Brown