You can search the diocesan database for parishes and mission communities and to find out contact details for clergy, readers and parish officers, where they have given their permission to be included.

Archdeaconry Details for Totnes

Readers with Permission to Officiate

Dr Marian Barnes
Tel: 01647 432098
Email Dr Marian Barnes

Mrs Norma Gerry
Tel: 01803 322788
Email Mrs Norma Gerry

Mr Edward Goodman
Tel: 01803 812737
Email Mr Edward Goodman

Miss Sally Green
Tel: 01803 712438
Email Miss Sally Green

Dr Melanie Thorne
Tel: 01803 873371
Email Dr Melanie Thorne

Mr Don Tucker
Tel: 01803 298702
Email Mr Don Tucker

Mrs Sadie Yates
Tel: 01803 559900

Mrs Valerie Page
Tel: 01626 834436
Email Mrs Valerie Page

Mrs Sheila Holwell
Tel: 01803 845772
Email Mrs Sheila Holwell

Mrs Pam Latimer
Tel: 01548 561141
Email Mrs Pam Latimer

Mrs Hilda Flint
Tel: 01647 221241
Email Mrs Hilda Flint

Mr Peter Gornall
Tel: 01548 560333
Email Mr Peter Gornall

Mr Alan Hill
Tel: 01803 664588
Email Mr Alan Hill

Mrs Eileen Saunders
Tel: 01803 852975
Email Mrs Eileen Saunders

Mrs Maurie Webber
Tel: 01837 53845
Email Mrs Maurie Webber

Mr Anthony Carswell
Tel: 01803 553727
Email Mr Anthony Carswell

Mr Ron Edinborough
Tel: 01803 400233
Email Mr Ron Edinborough

Mrs Joyce Cappello
Tel: 01803 666300
Email Mrs Joyce Cappello

Mr Jonathan DrummondSmith
Tel: 01803 616611
Email Mr Jonathan DrummondSmith

Mrs Elva Hodgson
Tel: 01647 433391
Email Mrs Elva Hodgson

Mrs Joyce Howitt
Tel: 01364 73093
Email Mrs Joyce Howitt

Mr Peter Barker
Tel: 01803 770556
Email Mr Peter Barker

Mr Frank Robinson
Tel: 01803 712249
Email Mr Frank Robinson

Mrs Sue Gay
Tel: 01626 361735
Email Mrs Sue Gay

Mr Keith Miller
Email Mr Keith Miller

Mr Gordon Nickerson
Tel: 01803 324641
Email Mr Gordon Nickerson

Mrs Tessa Amies
Tel: 01803 813993
Email Mrs Tessa Amies

Mr Tony Gregg

Dr David Stafford
Tel: 01752 691525
Email Dr David Stafford

Mr Michael Tagent
Tel: 01548 810520
Email Mr Michael Tagent

Mrs Wendy Ellis
Tel: 01647 440797
Email Mrs Wendy Ellis