Biodiversity is a measure of the number, variety and variability of living organisms and how they interact with ecosystems. God designed everything in our world beautifully, and we are privileged to be His stewards. Protecting and increasing biodiversity is crucial in our care of creation as we work towards restoring balance between us, species and ecosystems, as God intended.

As pockets of countryside locked within urban areas and as inherently quiet places, churchyards can provide a range of habitats that can support a diversity of wildlife. That’s why we encourage all churches to take part in our Living Churchyard program, ran by our voluntary Environment Advisor, David Curry. Please contact David at: for further information.

Here are David’s guidance notes:

Here are five simple things you can do to nurture nature in your churchyard (or other areas):

  • Build a bee hotel!
  • Take part in No Mow May
  • Create a pollinator garden
  • Make log or leaf piles for hedgehogs to hibernate in
  • Install bat or bird boxes

Enjoy your churchyard and encourage others to visit!