The UN Climate Change summit, COP26, ran from 31st Oct to 12th Nov in Glasgow.

Lydia Perris, our Social Justice and Creation Care Officer, took over CofEDevon’s Instagram for the duration of COP26 where she shared thoughts, advice and prayers on all things climate related. As part of this she hosted live q and a sessions with volunteers, committee members and alumni of JustLove Exeter, a student social action group pursuing the biblical calls to social justice. See the videos below, or hop over to our Instagram to see the full takeover. Please feel free to follow Lydia on Twitter @lydia_perris

COP26 is now over, but our engagement with climate injustices can’t stop there! Please work out your carbon footprint, and choose which of these ten pledges you can realistically implement to reduce your carbon emissions. We all have a significant part to play in bringing about positive change to our world which is so damaged by climate change.