Fairtrade is a system of certification which ensures that a set of standards are met in the production and supply of products, such as coffee and chocolate. For farmers and workers, this means they can protect their rights, work safely, and earn a fairer pay. Fairtrade helps to develop women in leadership, and address climate change through sustainable farming techniques. For consumers (us in the UK) it means we can buy high quality, ethical products. Fairtrade Fortnight is happening 9th to 22nd September 2024 – how could you get involved? Do take a look at their incredible resources on their fun website!


If you work in education, or have links to schools, please do take a look at the Fairtrade Schools website, it is really clear and easy to use. The website has free lesson and assembly plans, films, games and activities, all designed to support learning about Fairtrade and global issues. These resources are appropriate for all key stages, from nursery to secondary school level. You can register for a Fairtrade school award to gain recognition for your work on Fairtrade.


Is your church a Fairtrade church? As Christian communities we have incredible opportunities to action the Biblical call to fair and just systems, which value people and planet over profit. Becoming a Fairtrade Church is an excellent way to action that, and involves using Fairtrade products, actively supporting Fairtrade Fortnight (see our events and courses page for more information) and engaging with other Fairtrade Organisations, for example, schools and towns. If you are already a Fairtrade Church, would like to become one, or have any questions, please contact our Creation Care team.