Climate Change & the Church. Two sessions to choose from 15th April 7pm – 8pm or 16th April 10am – 11am

Date: 15th April 2021 - 16th April 2021
Time: 15th April 7pm – 8pm or 16th April 10am – 11am
Venue: Online

Sea level rise, increased severity of storms and flooding, droughts, saltwater intrusion into freshwater agriculture, and reef habitat loss, all threaten to destabilise local communities. Knock-on social consequences could result in ethnic conflicts, land disputes, and internally displaced peoples. Latent social tensions may be exacerbated if adequate preparations are not undertaken.

One challenge is a lack of accurate local data and environmental monitoring. The Solomon Islands Government does not have sufficient infrastructure or systems to monitor ongoing environmental change. International monitoring is focused on the wider Pacific region. Fisheries, forests, extreme weather events, and shoreline changes, are not sufficiently studied. The reality is stark: without monitoring we cannot know local conditions. We therefore cannot develop evidence-based mitigation plans.

The creation of the Anglican Church of Melanesia Environment Observatory is forging new alliances between the environmental sciences and the Anglican Church of Melanesia. It aims to solve the dearth of local environmental monitoring. With a majority Anglican population, we are using churches throughout the archipelago as a network of scientific observatories. Installing monitoring equipment operated by clergy and lay people, churches are beginning to measure shoreline change, rain fall, storm intensity and duration.

Join Katie Drew from MMUK online for an introduction to the Anglican Church of Melanesia’s response to climate change and the development of Church Observatories. Two sessions to choose from 15th April 7pm – 8pm or 16th April 10am – 11am. Contact Katie to book your place (01404) 851656 /