Grass Roots

Grass Roots is a series of resources made by the Diocese of Exeter for the people of Devon. It is a collection of ideas and activities written to encourage us to think about how we might follow Jesus. It highlights how the life lessons Jesus taught to his disciples 2000 years ago are as relevant as ever to us in Devon today.

Jesus spent much of his life showing his friends and those he met stepping stones so that they might understand a bit more about who he was, and where they could find the Kingdom he talked about so often. We can also use these steps like so many people before us have done.

Where can I get this resource?

Grass Roots is available as a magazine, an audiobook, a powerpoint, and a PDF file.

For the PDF file click here

Listen to the audiobook here  (here is the decision making flowchart for part 3)

You can order paper copies and CDs by emailing here

The powerpoint sections are available to download from here and are fully editable.