Lay Ministry

What is the difference between “lay ministry” and “ordained ministry”?

Everyone who is a disciple of Jesus can be used by God to grow the Kingdom.

This happens in an enormous number of ways. The Church recognises ordained people as those who have been trained and licensed, such as vicars and priests, to undertake certain roles within the Church, including communion.

God uses lay people to fulfil many roles including hospitality, worship leaders, preachers, youth workers and also the things that are done outside of the Church such as teaching, nursing, collecting the bins, loving our neighbours and serving in a café.

Jon Curtis, Lay Discipleship Project Manager

Lay people aren’t automatically trained for any specific work but the Diocese of Exeter wants to support, encourage and inspire as these roles are undertaken.

To find out more go to our Exploring Lay Ministry Page.

The Lay Discipleship Project is building new ways that these concepts can be fulfilled. To find out more please email the Project Manager, Jon Curtis or call 01392 294963.