Exploring Reader Ministry

Readers (licensed lay ministers) are lay people in the Church of England, from all walks of life, who are called by God, theologically trained and licensed by the Church to preach, teach, lead worship and assist in pastoral, evangelistic and liturgical work. The position is a voluntary one.

They are often described as the ‘lay theologians’ of the Church and may have a particular passion for preaching and teaching the gospel in a variety of contexts.

In many churches in Devon, Readers play an invaluable role on the leadership team, whether it is leading services and preaching or helping with community projects, youth work, mission, caring for the vulnerable and developing new ways of being church.

The first step to becoming a Reader in the Diocese of Exeter is to talk to your vicar about what it involves and whether it might be right for you. You can also contact Hannah Mears, our Vocations Advisor to get more advice and information. hannah.mears@exeter.anglican.org, 01392 294923

The first stage of Reader training is to apply to do the Foundations in Christian Ministry course, which begins each September and runs over six sessions a year and is run by the South West Ministry Training Course.

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