CAPTION: James Grier leads the Mission Shed network across Devon

Mission Sheds get a fresh coat of paint for 2021

Posted: 29th December, 2020

Mission Sheds are support hubs for anyone involved in any form of ministry and mission across the Diocese of Exeter. 

They are due to be relaunched later in January 2021 but first we thought it might be helpful to explain what they are for anyone who has not heard of them before.

Here, Rev’d Prebendary James Grier, Mission Enabler for the Diocese of Exeter, explains a bit more about the Mission Shed concept:

I am officially a middle aged man, I love sheds. I love a shed as a place full of tools or as a place to escape to. I also love the concept of an allotment shed where people gather for a drink and for a good chat about what they’re up to.

Mission Sheds are really very like sheds! They are places to discover new tools to help us as we seek to share our faith with those around us.

They are a means to borrow tools that others are already using. There is refreshment in each one. Both spiritual refreshment, where busy people can come to receive rather than give out, and physical refreshments (when we can actually meet in person again!)

Mission Sheds also provide space to chat and hear what other people are up to and, even more importantly, what God is up to around the area.

There is a Mission Shed Local in each area of the diocese, where you can gather with others who live somewhere near you. Then there are occasional Mission Shed Centrals, for people from across the Diocese to get together.

We’ve been locked down tidying up the sheds and giving them a makeover ready to relaunch them for 2021, all freshly painted and ready to go.

If you’d like to know more about Mission Sheds and your nearest one, please contact the Mission and Ministry Administrator, Jenny Beesley, by email email