CAPTION: Dr Jon Curtis says he hopes the new Cultivate journal will be a place to share ideas about faith

New Cultivate Journal Aims to Help Devon’s Christians Go Deeper

Posted: 5th July, 2022

The Diocese of Exeter has started a new journal about Christian faith which is written by and for people in Devon.

Cultivate will be published four times a year and the first edition is now available for download.

It aims to encourage lifelong learning as a way of growing as disciples and also be a source of encouragement and a place to share ideas and generate new thinking.

The journal includes articles about theology, spirituality, church culture and modern Christian life

Its editor is Dr Jon Curtis, Lay Discipleship Advisor for the Diocese. He said “I have been running lay training courses here for four years and I have encountered loads of people with interesting ideas and things to say.

“We wanted to provide them with a place to say those things. The journal will include theological discussion, conversations about faith and today’s Church, ecumenical issues, things that impact us as both disciples and church members.

“The joy of the internet age is that we can produce something that is of high quality but low cost and can reach a lot of people really quickly.”

Jon said the first edition includes articles about the life of St Benedict, the spirituality of wild swimming, care home ministry and techniques for prayer.

He added, “We want to give people the opportunity to speak but also to inspire other people to think about those things and realise that they might have something worth saying too.”

Jon said Cultivate is aimed at everyone, whether they are reading it over breakfast or during a quiet time or on the way to work. He said “It is very easy going and easy to read but, at the same time, we want to give people enough depth that they think it is worth reading.”

Cultivate is available to download quarterly as a PDF from the Diocese of Exeter website – which means it should be easy to print out or read on a tablet or mobile phone.

Click here to download the first edition of Cultivate.