CAPTION: Readers licensed at Cathedral service

Readers licensed at Cathedral service

Posted: 10th October, 2018

Please pray for our new Readers who were licensed by Bishop Robert to work across the Diocese of Exeter at Exeter Cathedral on Saturday.

Bishop Robert licensed six new Readers who have completed their training in the diocese and five Readers who have transferred their licences.  The Revd John Lees, the Bishop’s Officer for Self-Supporting ministry preached, and encouraged Readers to build bridges between the church and the world, and to continue to grow in ministry and to enjoy it.

In the morning, there was also a presentation by John Bryant, Professor Emeritus of Biosciences of Exeter University, on ‘Theology and Science’.  He led a fascinating session and handled a range of questions from the days of creation to issues of human sexuality.

He recommended the website for further resources in the area of faith and science.