Advertisement of Faculty Applications

Under Rule 9.9 of The Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015, as amended in 2019, notice of works affecting the character of a listed building must be published on a publicly accessible website.

Details of applications falling into this category within Exeter Diocese may be viewed through the Online Faculty System.

Objections to the works should be sent by letter by the date given on the Public Notice to: The Diocesan Registrar, Curzon House, Southernhay West, Exeter, EX1 1RS.

The following application is not available on the website but arrangements for viewing the documents may be made by contacting the Church Buildings Office email

Moretonhampstead: St Andrew – 2017-008381

A Petition has been lodged seeking permission for the following works: Installation of telecommunications equipment within the curtilage of the church. As in: Method Statement A01621 (undated): Site Survey Report (dated 11th March 2017), Statement of Need (undated); Drawing Numbers 20781120: 100A, 200A, 201A, 300A, 301A, 400A, 401A, 402A, 403A, 404A 405A, 406A, 407A, 408A, 409A, 500A, 501A, 502A, 600A, 601A, 602A, 603A, 604, 605, 606A, 607A, 608A, 609A, 610A, 611A, 612A, 613A, 614A, 615A, 616A, 617A, 618A, 700A, 701A, 702A (dated 11th August 2020); Statement of Significance (undated); Internal Images of windows 1-9; CTIL Head Licence Moretonhampstead (undated); Safety Statement (dated 23rd November 2017); and Design calculations CTIL20781120_VF95583_0_DD_REV_A (dated 17th June 2020 and 2nd September 2020)

Any objection should be lodged with the Registrar at the address above by the date given on the public notice, or by the 1st December 2020, whichever is the later.