Advertisement of Faculty Applications

Under Rule 9.9 of The Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015, as amended in 2019, notice of works affecting the character of a listed building must be published on a publicly accessible website.

Details of applications falling into this category within Exeter Diocese may be viewed through the Online Faculty System.

Objections to the works should be sent by letter by the date given on the Public Notice to: The Diocesan Registrar, Curzon House, Southernhay West, Exeter, EX1 1RS.

The following application is not available on the website but arrangements for viewing the documents may be made by contacting the Church Buildings Office email

Application Ref: 2019-031673 North Tawton, St Peter
A Petition has been lodged seeking faculty permission for the following works: 1. Enlarge the ground floor meeting space (Mortimer Room) extending it further east into the main body of the church, beyond the current reach of the gallery above, to the next set of pillars. The enlarged space would incorporate the north and south entrances providing direct access from outside into the new enlarged Mortimer Room. The enlarged room would have sliding glass doors giving access into the centre aisle and both side aisles. 2. Extend the first floor gallery above the new enlarged room creating more space for the choir and an adaptable meeting/exhibition space overlooking the nave. 3. reinstate the meeting room in the south aisle and introduce toilet and a lift to the south aisle. We envisage the southern room being used as the church office. 4. Remove the current spiral staircase from the centre of the Mortimer Room, and creating a new staircase in the north corner around a platform lift. 5. Renew and enlarge the kitchen in the tower. 6. Introduce an access toilet in what is currently the vestry. This is accessed by the platform lift. 7. Lower the porch floor and introduce ramp to provide an accessible entrance. Additionally introduce a glass door to allow the existing door to stay open to give a more welcoming entrance into the church. As in: 10001_TF_18_01 Structure Drawing 01; 10001_Tf_18_02 Structure Drawing 02; 10001_Tf_19 Outline Structural Design Requirements for Proposed Works dated 04/06/2019; 21/2016/6-16 South Porch Light; 21/2016/6-17 South Porch Outer Gates; 21/2016/6-19 Glass Door Layout; 21/2016/6-20 Tower West Door; 21/2016/6-21 North Column Support; 21/2016/6-22 Outline Scope of Work – Mortimer Room; 21/2016/6-23 Outline Scope of Work – New Stair, Tower Kitchen, South Porch; 21/2016/6-24 Outline Scope of Work – Nave alterations; 21/2016/6-25 Outline Scope of Work – Gallery, Tower Room, New Stair, Meeting Space, Organ, Choir Space; 21/2016/7-02C Ground Floor Plan; 21/2016/7-03 First Floor Plan; 21/2016/7-04C Section 1; 21/2016/7-05B Section 2; 21/2016/7-06C Sections 3, 4 and 5; 21/2016/7-07C 3D SE Cutaways – Ground Floor; 21/2016/7-08C 3D NE Cutaways – Ground Floor; 21/2016/7-09B 3D SE Cutaways – First Floor; 21/2016/7-10B 3D NE Cutaways – First Floor 21/2016/7-11 Columns; 21/2016/7-12A First Floor Balustrade; 21/2016/7-13A Kitchen/Servery Elevations (Doors Open); 21/2016/7-14A Kitchen/Servery Elevations 2 (Doors Open); 21/2016/7-15A 3D Views Kitchen/ Servery (Doors Open); 21/2016/7-16 Kitchen/Servery Plan (Doors Open); 21/2016/7-17 Kitchen/Servery Elevations(Doors Closed); 21/2016/7-18 Kitchen/Servery Elevations (Doors Closed); 21/2016/7-19 Kitchen/Servery Elevation 2 (Doors Closed); 21/2016/7-20 3D Views Kitchen/ Servery (Doors Closed); 21/2016/7-101 Servery Upper Panel; 21/2016/7-102 Kitchen Panels; and 21/2016/7-103A Aisle Screen Arrangement.

Any objection should be lodged with the Registrar at the address above by the date given on the public notice, or by the 11th October 2021, whichever is the later.