Annual Awards

During the course of its work the DAC receives a great number of applications for advice on a wide range of proposals for churches. Some of these applications stand out as being exceptional – sometimes for the works proposed but often for the preparation and management of a scheme from inception to the formal submission of application papers.

Since 2007,  the Committee has recognised and honoured the work and dedication of those responsible for these applications, by presenting them with a DAC Award.

These Awards are intended to identify those applications which have met and exceeded the required standards. Every application submitted for a DAC Notification of Advice is assessed in terms of the standard of both the presentation and information submitted with the application, and the quality of the actual works being undertaken.

Those applications receiving an Award receive a letter of commendation and a certificate in the Spring following the year in which their application was submitted.

Awards given in February 2019 for applications received during 2018 were as follows:

Newton St Cyres, St Cyr and St Julitta – Installation of new lighting scheme and sound system

Stoke Damerel, St Andrew and St Luke – Minor Reordering