Children & Young People

Children and young people need to know that they are loved by God and uniquely created by Him.   The children already linked in with our churches have a vital role to play in showing the adults what God’s kingdom is like (Matthew 19:4) and a church without children and young people is like a body without an eye or an ear (1 Cor 12).

Need advice?

Introducing Sharon – click on the link to see interview

If you would like to chat to a member of the Old Deanery staff about children and families please speak to the most appropriate Children’s Mission Adviser:

Children and Families

Sharon Blyth  01392 294932 / 07719 971983
Email Sharon Blyth

Young people (11+)

Kath Entrican (SWYM Local Ministries Manager) 07737317855 Email Kath Entrican

What is SWYM and how can they help?

South West Youth Ministries (SWYM) provides training and placements for Youth, Children and Families Work as well as in Missional Leadership.

SWYM are national experts in youth work and training youth, children and families workers. In addition to subsidised or free access for Anglican churches to their training days and outreach activities, they also can provide specific advice and support.

They also run an incredible annual camp for around 1500 youth and children both Christian and non-Christian called SPREE

For more information about what SWYM can offer contact or visit their website

Please click here for information on safeguarding.