Resources for Children, Families and Young People

There are so many ways to get children involved in worship at home no matter their age.  Below we have complied some of the best resources for you and your family.

Things to Watch

Virtual Sunday School is a great way to help youngsters (and the young at heart) have some time thinking about God. The services are really fun and leave some crafts and ideas for families to carry on with afterwards.

‘Bears and Prayers’ sessions, Bible time and Toddler Services is perfect for little ones.

Or why not check out Rev Philip Hawthorn’s Scruffy TV?   It includes retellings of bible stories, worship songs and prayers.

Or what about these school assemblies for children, presented by Robin:

Babies & Toddlers

Playvan features lovely animated bible stories.

Little Worship Company have fun and lively clips for little ones.

Exploring, Talking and Praying as a Family

Together at Home are providing free resources for families to help them explore the Bible and learn about God together whilst in their own homes.

Bible Chat Mat is a brilliant resource which prompts conversation around a specific Bible passage in a relaxed and creative way. The sheets can be coloured and doodled on, allowing you to respond to the Bible story in your own unique way. This resource is far more than a colouring sheet, but rather something that encourages households to read the Bible, have a conversation, pray together and explore together.

Family.Fit is a mobile phone tool that will help a family at home connect in fun ways and exercise regularly in their house, apartment or local park. With a little creativity, everyone can be fit and healthy, stay connected, and grow in character and faith. This tool helps families to talk and grow together.

Diddy Disciples offer worship and Bible storytelling by Sharon Moughtin-Mumby- Anglican priest, Bible scholar, writer, and mother. They are streaming Bedtime Prayers, led by children, every evening.

The Kitchen Table Project seeks to support parents as they raise children in a Christian household.

Creative Challenges

Here are some interactive challenges for children and their families.  They encourage people to read a passage of the Bible and then reflect on it by creating something to respond.




Prayer Grid

Watch videos on the challenges


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