Supporting Parents and Carers after Lockdown

Many parents and carers found the year and a half of the pandemic lockdowns particularly tough which is still having an impact today. Here are some simple ideas to support families you know who may still be interacting mostly online.

Our advice is keep it simple whilst ensuring it’s safe. It is paramount to follow appropriate safeguarding procedures. This includes safer recruitment, your church safeguarding policy and appropriate risk assessments. Download a sample Parental Online Consent Form.

Examples of how to support parents and carers:

Listen to children reading 
Many older church members regularly go into schools to listen to children read, giving them individual time that teachers can’t. If an older person could listen to a child read via an online platform such as zoom, it would give their parent time to help another child with their work or time to do something else.

Trails to excite children about going outside
Create a window trail around the parish for children and families to spot as they take their daily exercise. You could partner with the school to set it up. It’s probably a good idea not to have a starting or ending point so that you don’t create an obvious place for mingling.

For example:
• You could add an exercise you need to add into your journey (10 star jumps, hopscotch, hop, jump, skip…)
• Ask children to illustrate a lost sheep (like Elmer) and see who can find the most

One church had a Lockdown 1 trail in their churchyard and now people are asking for another one!

Break-Time Coffee & Catch-Up
 Could you host a virtual ‘staff room’ for parents to come for 15 minutes each day/week to chat, share frustrations, ideas and even solutions?

Virtual Playtime
With so much attention on work, children also need to have fun and many are missing seeing other children. Could your registered children’s leaders host an online playtime-time with games and quizzes to help children to socialise, play together and simply have fun?

Zoom teaching support
Drop-in zoom help for parents to get help with the schoolwork! Eg 11am on Monday a retired maths teacher is on zoom for an hour for any parent to drop in with their homework problems. 12pm the same for English etc

Family Fun Cooking Club Food Parcels
Phone your school and see if there are any families that are particular in need at the moment and consider creating a Family Fun Cooking Club Food Parcel for them with the recipe cards included.

Whatever you plan, consider linking in with Covid response team in your community as they can support getting your message out.

Please do share your ideas
Please do share any creative ideas or anything you do on our Children and Families Group on Facebook.

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