Faculty fees and DAC meeting dates

The DAC meeting dates in 2023 are:

Monday 6th February

Friday 31st March

Monday 5th June

Friday 21st July

Monday 2nd October

Friday 8th December

Between each meeting, the DAC sub committee will deal with small, straightforward applications and requests which are received between deadline dates, or to deal with simple matters arising from the previous main meeting. Once your application has been received, you will be notified by one of the Church Buildings Advisers when it is to be considered by the committee.

How much are the Faculty Fees?

Faculty fees are set nationally by General Synod and are paid to the Diocesan Registry.

The current fees, as of 1st January 2023, are:

Faculty Application – £273

Standard Faculty Amendment/time extension request – £58

For complex Faculty Amendments please contact the Diocesan Registry for fees.

Once a faculty has been granted, should there need to be a change to any of the works approved, a faculty can in most cases be amended without a new application having to be made. However, this will incur a fee from the Diocesan Registry.

The Diocesan Registry are based at Stephens Scown solicitors in Exeter, and deal with the legal aspects of the faculty process, including issuing the permission itself. To contact them call 01392 210700.