Grants and Funding

Our buildings can be costly to maintain and adapt, but there are a variety of sources of funding available for both repairs and alterations.

The downloads below include advice on possible sources of grant funding, and the VAT situation for church buildings.

Grant Funding

The Church Grants database
Provided for churches in Devon (paid for by Exeter Diocese Board of Finance)
Search this site for specific grants available to churches in Devon. You will need your parish’s code which your treasurer should have or contact

Funding for Church Building Projects
Last updated February 2020

There is also lots of useful information and a national funding/grants list on the Parish Resources website.

Friends of Churches

Many churches now have a ‘Friends’ Group – an organisation that exists to support the church building itself, and can help with fundraising for repairs and improvements to the building. Such a group can either be a sub-committee of the PCC, or an independent charity. Information on setting a group up, and the issues to consider when doing this can be found on the following websites:

Growing the Rural Church – Setting up a Friends Group & Toolkit

Parish Resources

National Churches Trust

Diocese of London

The Diocesan Building Fund

The purpose of the Building Fund is to support Mission Communities and parishes in support of the Moving on in Growth agenda by providing funds to enable:

1.   The review and rationalisation of a Mission Community’s building stock*

2.   The re-ordering of church buildings (both consecrated and non-consecrated) to better provide for church and/or community use

3.   The repair and improvement of church buildings including heating systems

Full details of eligible works and criteria can be found here: Assets Group Diocesan Building Fund 2019

and the application form for a loan under this Fund can be found here.

*If you are interested in carrying out a feasibility study with regard to priority 1 above (the review and rationalisation of your Mission Community’s building stock), please contact either Nigel Pratt (01392 294944) for further details and an application form.


Guidance on VAT grants

Since the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme was changed in October 2012, claims made for eligible works to church buildings are guaranteed to be paid at 100% of the VAT spent. For more information see or phone 0845 013 6601.