Telecommunications Installations

In February 2018 the Government and the Church of England issued a Joint Accord on the use of church land and buildings to support digital connectivity, which can be read here.

The Church of England have produced guidance on the installation of telecommunications equipment, which can be accessed here. This page also contains a link to guidance from Historic England.

There are two distinct technologies involved, one for mobile phones, and the other for broadband access. The main distinction between mobile and broadband infrastructure comes from the approach to the church. Mobile phone operators actively look for churches as strategic sites to improve their existing coverage so may approach a PCC, usually through an agent, with an offer of funds for siting their equipment on a church tower. Broadband installations can be more proactively pursued by the PCC where improved connectivity is sought by the church itself or where the church approaches or is approached by a company or community group wishing to enable better local
community access.

Please contact the Church Buildings office if you would like information on which churches in the Diocese house either type of installation.