Website and Database Companies

Sometimes we are approached by companies, or hear of companies, who specialise in Church websites and databases. Whilst we can’t formally recommend them, we hope that you might find these lists a useful starting place.


You cannot overestimate the power of a good website. They are the shop window into your church and can encourage new people, or put them off, within seconds. If your website looks out of date and unwelcoming, this makes your church look out of date and unwelcoming. Remember to have a warm message of welcome and to avoid language that people may not understand such as sacrament, atonement or liturgy.

A Church Near You: If you do not have the budget for a brand new website, we would really encourage you to make the most of A Church Near You. Your church already has its own page and it’s really easy to upload images, events, details about parking and access etc. To find out more and register as an editor, visit the A Church Near You Editors Website.

Created by Arc offer stunning design and great usability. They also have experience working with churches.

Cross Digital are based in Exeter and design bespoke websites that are user friendly and well designed.

Websites Ahoy! are based in Exeter and focus on developing websites for good causes, including churches and faith organisations.

Hosting Your Own Online Videos

Faithly enable you to host your own online videos without the need for linking to YouTube or Facebook. See an example here.

Church Database

Having asked a number of churches which database system they use, these were the companies that were recommended:

Church Suite

Life Events Diary

I Know Church

Planning Centre