Coronavirus FAQs

These are FAQs for church leaders and those who would like clarity about changes to church practices during the coronavirus pandemic.

Pastoral Care for Clergy and Readers

The pastoral care of the clergy and Readers is vital at this time of national crisis.  Please make sure you look after yourselves and your family.  If you have any symptoms please make sure you self-isolate as per the Government Advice.  If you do need to self-isolate or have underlying health conditions, please inform your Rural Dean and Archdeacon.

Please make sure you keep in touch with your Chapter colleagues, perhaps having regular phone contact, or virtual meetings using platforms such as

We are in the middle of unprecedented times for our country and our churches and the communities in which they serve. The most important thing to remember is that we are a people of prayer, and that we need to remember to love our neighbour and to do everything that we can to avoid the spread of the virus.

All Clergy and Readers

In the light of the government advice and the Prime Minister’s address to the nation on Monday 23rd March, all clergy and Readers should remain at home as far as possible in accordance with government advice.  See Government Advice

Clergy and Readers over 70

Clergy and Readers who are 70 or older should not officiate at services (including funerals) nor minister pastorally except if need be by phone. Clergy with oversight of parishes should not invite clergy with PtO or Readers who are 70 or older to officiate at services (including funerals) or minister pastorally.

Beneficed / licensed clergy who are 70 or older should consult their Suffragan Bishop.

Clergy and Readers under 70 with underlying health conditions

Clergy and Readers who are under 70 but who have underlying health conditions should not officiate at services (including funerals) nor minister pastorally except by phone. Clergy with oversight of parishes should not invite clergy and Readers under 70 with underlying health conditions to officiate at services (including funerals) or minister pastorally.

Clergy and Readers under 70 who are fit and well

Clergy and Readers under 70 who are fit and well should follow government advice and remain at home as much as they possibly can. They can leave home to take funerals.  Any pastoral visits in person must be in line with the Church of England’s current guidance. They should not leave home to conduct or attend meetings nor to take services, other than funerals and emergency baptisms.

Churches are now closed for worship & private prayer 

All Church buildings are now closed and will remain closed until further notice. Churches should be kept locked until further notice. The only exception to this is if the church itself is being used as an official Foodbank distribution point. Churches which collect food to take to Foodbanks must be kept locked and alternative collection points indicated on the noticeboard.

Please place a notice about the closure on your website and on the doors of your church, explaining how people can join the church in worship and prayer, even though they cannot have access to the building. A template for the poster can be downloaded here.

Neither clergy nor parishioners should enter their church except in an emergency.

Building work on churches

If work on your church building is due to start before mid-June this should be postponed.

Building Insurance whilst churches are empty

Read guidance from Ecclesiastical Insurance in regards to temporarily closed or unoccupied churches.

Notice for clergy living in diocesan housing

Please read the latest guidance regarding what to do if any repairs are needed in diocesan housing.


All public worship has been suspended.  Churches are also closed for private prayer.

Communion may only be celebrated by a priest at home provided another member of their family is present.

Please think of creative ways you can encourage people to pray and worship at home. For example:

  • Video recording reflective services and circulating an online link.
  • Running a prayer meeting or service using phone or video conferencing technology like Zoom.
  • Live-streaming an act of worship via social media or on your church website using a smart phone, tablet or computer led by an ordained or lay minister on their own or with others in their household. There is clear guidance about how to do this and information about music copyright on our resources page:
  • Please consider joining our diocese Comms and Digital Facebook group where you can get technical advice and share ideas for creative worship:


It is not possible to conduct any weddings in churches until further notice.

See also the most update information on the Church of England Website here


Funerals can only take place at the graveside or at crematorium.  They may only be attended by immediate family (spouse/partner, children, parents following physical-distancing guidance)

For the most up to date information, it is vital you read the funerals section on the Church of England website here

Any memorial services will need to be deferred until after the ban on public worship has been lifted.

It is really important to continue to support the work of your local Funeral Directors by regularly checking in with them during this Crisis.


Emergency baptisms can take place in hospital or at home, though subject to strict hygienic precautions and social distancing as far as possible.

Please see the most up to date information on the Church of England Website here


Currently all Confirmations are postponed in our Diocese.

Annual Parochial Church Meetings and Meetings of Parishioners for Election of Churchwardens

APCMs which have not yet taken place are to be postponed. On 25th March the Bishop of Exeter issued formal instructions to be implemented in every parish concerning APCMs, and the elections of Churchwardens, lay representatives on PCCs and lay representatives on deanery synods. A set of FAQs have also been prepared to help explain the implications.  All Archdeacons’ Visitations scheduled for June have been cancelled, and new arrangements will be announced in due course.

Click here for guidance on holding remote online PCC meetings.

PCC meetings and Standing Committees 

All PCC meetings and Standing Committee meetings should be postponed. If an emergency decision needs to be taken then please contact your Archdeacon for advice.

Church Meetings 

All church meetings, events or gatherings of any sort must be postponed, cancelled or moved to a virtual platform.

Use of church halls

All church halls are now closed. The only exception to this is that where a church or hall is used as a base for social care provision such as a food bank, it will be important to arrange continued access, with social distancing measures in place.


  • Please make sure your websites are up to date with current information & contact details.
  • Check your entry on
  • Please make sure there is a notice on the Church door with contact details (a downloadable poster can be found here )

Maintaining contact with vulnerable and isolated people

We are encouraging churches to find creative ways of staying in touch with those who are isolated and vulnerable and to give them spiritual support and also practical support as far as possible. We have published a list of digital and print resources and we are also developing new content. Read more on the digital resources section of the coronavirus page on the CofE website or on our own Diocese of Exeter website at

Bell Ringing 

Bell ringing is suspended.

Digital Giving

Please encourage people to continue giving during the crisis perhaps making the most of digital opportunities:

Coronavirus Reporting

If someone is found to have Coronavirus who has attended one of your services, see advice from Public Health England

Web Links

Church of England Advice

Diocese of Exeter – General Advice

Diocese of Exeter – Community Advice

Public Health England – for advice about contact with those with coronavirus:  030036 916473

Please contact your local archdeacon if you have any more questions

The Ven. Andrew Beane, Archdeacon of Exeter email Andrew

01392 425577


The Ven. Douglas Dettmer, Archdeacon of Totnes email Douglas

01626 832064 / 07898932654


The Ven. Nick Shutt, Archdeacon of Plymouth email Nick

01752 858382 / 07736 916473


The Ven. Dr Mark Butchers, Archdeacon of Barnstaple email Mark

01271 375475

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