Homelessness is a terrible social ill which is apparent in urban areas especially, but also in more isolated and hidden situations across our diocese.

Following the exhortations and imagery of the parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10), as we seek to love our neighbours, how do we not just ‘pass by’ people who are perhaps different to us, ‘robbed…stripped…beaten…half dead’; but rather actively make immediate and ongoing practical interventions?

Our document linked here gives information and links on:

  • National context – numbers, trends, causes, varieties
  • Local support available:
    • City/district councils
    • Supported accommodation
    • Street outreach & the ‘Streetlink’ tool
    • Survival provision from voluntary sector charities and partnerships
    • Specifically church-based provision
  • How can I help? including:
    • Helping people access services
    • Volunteering
    • Use of money
    • Offering a spare room (or house!)
    • Getting involved in local partnership collaborations
    • Prayer

If you would be interested in having wider awareness training, or would like to promote a service you are involved with, or have any questions, please contact us.