Parish Finances

PCC Accounts and Return of Parish Finance

Diocesan Cashbook version 2020

Return of Parish Finance form

Treasurer Training Workbook

Autumn 2020 Treasurer Training Workbook

Appendix A: Collections Sheet

Appendix D – Budgets

Appendix H: Statement of Terms of Employment

Appendix I: Employment Contract for Church Organist

Appendix J: Sample Volunteer Agreement

Appendix M: Gift Aid Declaration

Appendix N: GASDS Record Sheet

Appendix O: Wedding Fees

Appendix Oi : 2021 Table of Parochial Fees

2020 Appendix Z Addendum

2020 Appendix Z all in one Annual Report & FS Receipts & Payments 171120

Updates for Parish Treasurers 

Fees and Expenses

PCC Accounts and Return of Parish Finance