Why do we give?

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only son Jesus Christ” (John 3:16a)

The Good News today is God’s generosity to us. He has given of himself to us, and each day we experience his love and care even in the most insignificant aspects of our lives. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are each called to live out the gospel in all areas of our lives and to be a part of the mission he has called us to. As Christians, we are to be known by our fruit, and our faith is to be expressed in practical ways that speak of the love of God. Living a generous Christian lifestyle is a clear and distinctive discipleship decision. Giving what we have to God with a sense of joy takes us further on a journey with the one who gave everything he had, including his only son. Prayerfully embracing financial generosity enables us to grow and serve our Lord with a renewed sense of freedom and enthusiasm.

As St Paul states in his letters ‘do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ Rom 12:2. Paul also urged us to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice. In this simple commendation there is also a profound invitation. God is inviting us to live out his vision. Learning to let go of the material and embrace the eternal love of Christ is transformative to us and to those we encounter. Discipleship giving is a means of praising God in a practical sense. It is based upon a firm faith and trust in Jesus in the knowledge that he will provide for us.

If you are looking for ways in which the mission of your church can be resourced, then please do get in touch. Together we can look at various ways (workshops, PCC consultations, Parish Giving Scheme, legacy giving, funding etc.) by which the giving in your church can be strengthened.

Support and Resources for Parishes

Brigit Kiyaga, Mission Resources Adviser is available to support parishes with stewardship and generous giving.  Please email Brigit or telephone on 07889 564103.


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