Why should I have a will?

The church encourages everyone to have a will to ensure your estate goes to who you want and disputes are avoided. A simple will, drawn up by a solicitor, doesn’t cost a fortune (around £200+VAT). That’s a good investment in your family’s future. Download the leaflet ‘Why Every Adult Should Have a Will’.

Why leave a legacy to the church?

Christians believe that when we die it is not the end – we will go to be with God in heaven. However, many of us want to be remembered on earth as well. Leaving a legacy to the church is one way of ensuring this will happen. After you have died you can continue to help the church flourish and build the kingdom of God on earth. The good that you have done while alive can continue.

Where can I find out more?

The website www.churchlegacy.org.uk has information about wills and legacies, including sample wording and guidance about preparing a will. You can also email Brigit Kiyaga to find out more.