1000 Words – Share The World You See


What really matters to you?

1000 Words is a project which uses photographs to start a real conversation about what’s important: your relationships, your community and your faith.


To join in, have a look at the short video below and take these three black and white photos:

1) A photograph of a person or group of people who are important to you.
2) A photograph which shows the biggest issue in your area.
3) A photograph of a place or object that you think of as sacred or spiritual.

You can either set your phone or camera to shoot in black and white or add a filter afterwards. Give each photo a title and a brief caption.

The next video will help you take a great looking photo on your mobile phone with our 3 top tips:

You can also what other people have taken by searching for #share1000words on Twitter or Instagram.


The idea is that local churches will run special events where you can drop-in and chat in a small group about the images which you’ve brought along. We hope that each church will also be able to host an exhibition of photos after the event so that the local community can enjoy the pictures and explore the issues they raise together.

Just bring your photos on your phone, camera, memory card, flash drive, tablet, computer or printed out. You can also share them on social media using the hashtag #share1000words along with the specific hashtags below.

Due to COVID-19, groups haven’t been able to meet in person. If you’re interested in running an online 1000 Words then the principle is the same. You’ll need a way to share photos (either in advance or using a screen share on a video-conferencing application like Zoom) and a way for everyone to hear are respond to what each other are saying.

 Running 1000 Words

You don’t need any special equipment to run 1000 Words, the Using 1000 Words Guide contains a host of information and ideas about how to use the project to help your church Grow in Prayer, Make New Disciples and Serve with Joy. There are a few more resources available below and for help, advice or to get hold of printed publicity material please contact Chloe Axford