Growing as disciples



Pilgrim aims to equip people to follow Jesus Christ as disciples in the whole of their lives.

It flows from the Scriptures, draws deeply from the Christian tradition, and honours the Anglican way and its many streams

The primary focus of each session is a group of people engaging with the Bible together. In the Early Church, the Christian faith was taught by the transmission of key texts which summed up the heart of the Christian message. Pilgrim restores this approach for the twenty-first century. Pilgrim has been developed as a specifically Anglican resource which aims to cater for every tradition in the Church of England.

Pilgrim has been written by a team of writers and theologians from across the Church of England. The four lead authors are Bishop Robert and fellow Bishops Stephen Cottrell and Steven Croft, and theologian Paula Gooder.

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Grass Roots

Grass Roots is a series of multimedia resources (magazine, downloadable PDF, audio, for individuals or groups) made by the Diocese of Exeter for the people of Devon. It is a collection of ideas and activities written to encourage us to think about how we might follow Jesus. It highlights how the life lessons Jesus taught to his disciples 2000 years ago are as relevant as ever to us in Devon today.

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Grow: Equipping God’s People to Serve with Joy

Grow is an exciting series of courses designed to enable people to grow in their faith and service to God and the church in specific roles. They go alongside the incredibly popular and vital Foundations in Christian Ministry course.

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Setting God’s People Free (SGPF)

The Diocese of Exeter is committed to all of us being Whole Life Disciples. We are facilitating this by being part of a Setting God’s People Free cohort. SGPF is is an initiative across the Church of England to enable the whole people of God to live out the Good News of Jesus confidently in all of life, Sunday to Saturday. We are currently piloting new ways of encouraging this throughout Devon. Our team is led by the Archdeacon of Plymouth Nick Shutt, and supported by Fiona Rimmer, Annie Jefferies, Matt Gorton and Jon Curtis. If you would like to know more, or be part of these pilots, you can contact Jon

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