Mission Shed

Your local gathering point for learning and encouragement for faith sharing, prayer, growing in faith and exploring different ways to ‘be and do church’ together.

What is Mission Shed?

Are you a church member or church leader keen to live out your faith in your everyday life, whether it is in church, at work, at home, at school and out in the community? Then Mission Shed is the place for you!

Mission Shed is a network of mission resource hubs across the Diocese of Exeter. Each hub meets three times a year in a local café, church or other community building. We share new ideas, showcase new resources, worship together and share the highs and lows of our varied mission work on the ground, whether it is running a toddler group, a lunch club, a job café, a Messy Church, a workplace prayer group, a fresh expression – you name it!  The hubs are a place to come and meet other Christians in your area, be filled up and sent out with new energy.

Once a year all the hubs gather together for a day of worship, workshops and teaching known as Mission Shed Central.

There are currently hubs covering North Devon, Plymouth, Okehampton, Torbay/South Devon and East Devon. New hubs are planned for Exeter and Mid-Devon.

Our vision is to:

  • Share good practice in growing church through a renewed-expression or fresh expression of church
  • Encourage the initiation of new and growth of existing Fresh Expressions of Church or new initiatives
  • Provide a learning community where Pioneers and Incumbents (and especially lay practitioners / teams) seeking to become more pioneering can learn from each other, be assisted, and energised for mission and growth
  • Provide or identify resource partnerships for those hoping to trial a Fresh Expression of Church or re-expression of inherited church that shows potential for growth
  • Enable intentional learning together (Missional learning communities) – prayer, church planting, discipleship, evangelism etc.
    • Mission shaped Initiation – encourage calling out of individuals and potential teams
    • Mission shaped ministry – training or lay leaders and teams
    • Mentoring / Coaching for teams and leaders
  • Accompany – ‘travel’ alongside and with others seeking to develop and grow
  • Encourage and enable ‘Re-Expression’ (Renewed expressions of inherited church models – A way of growth that comes from taking elements from others that will work in inherited church and responding to ‘come to us’ opportunities that already exist ie developing all-age worship and cafe services and other ways of exploring how to make the most of ‘come to us’ opportunities for evangelism.

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If you would like information about Mission Sheds in your area please email the Mission Sheds administrator, Jenny Beesley email.