Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

DBS Checks for clergy are always undertaken by Diocese of Exeter staff. If you are a member of clergy or hold the Bishops licence and believe you need a DBS application, please speak to your Archdeaconry in the first instance.

DBS checks for parish staff and volunteers are undertaken by Parish DBS Evidence Checkers. Each parish/church/mission community will have at least one Parish DBS Evidence Checker who will be able to process the DBS application. Please speak to your Parish DBS Evidence Checker for more information.

DBS Administration for Parish DBS Evidence Checkers:

Prior to starting your role as Parish DBS Evidence Checker please read the Parish DBS Evidence Checker role description. Please then familiarise yourself with the DBS Evidence Checker Process Flowchart which outlines the whole process of Parish DBS Evidence checking. As well as inviting applicants to start their DBS application on the Thirtyone:Eight e-bulk system and verifying their ID, Parish DBS Evidence Checkers also need to send information about each application to Diocesan staff to ensure the final parts of the DBS check are completed.

New Parish DBS Evidence Checkers (or those needing a refresher) should also watch our DBS Evidence Checker training video below. The video walks you through the main elements of completing DBS checks in the Diocese of Exeter.

Essential Forms:

  • Parish DBS Evidence Checker Registration Form: Please complete and email to us to register a new/additional Parish DBS evidence checker.
  • Confidential Declaration Form: To be amended with your parish/church details and completed by everyone who needs an Enhanced DBS check – a copy is then retained by the church/parish.
  • DBS Disclosure Cover Sheet: To be completed by Parish DBS evidence checkers at the same time as an applicants ID is checked and then emailed to the relevant Archdeacon’s PA immediately to ensure the application is completed and sent to DBS for checking.
  • Parish Information Log: To be started by Parish DBS Evidence Checker and completed by the Parish Safeguarding Rep to record completion of the DBS and track renewal.

Essential Guides:

Additional Notes:

For further information about Safer Recruitment please go to our Safer Recruitment and People Management page.

Training for DBS Evidence Checkers in the Diocese of Exeter

The DBS Evidence Checker plays a vital role in Safer Recruitment in the Diocese of Exeter.  With that in mind, we believe it is important to offer training and support to our DBS Evidence Checkers.

This training video sets out to explain the process for DBS checking in the Diocese of Exeter. Whether you are a new or serving DBS Evidence Checker it should help you understand your role and responsibilities, and the actions required from you to enable DBS checking to be handled effectively in your local churches.

With a large amount of detail packed into this video, it may take a significant amount of your time to watch, but we hope that by offering the training content in this format it allows you to undertake the training at a time and place convenient to you and without the need to travel long distances.  For new DBS Evidence Checkers, we recommend that you watch the whole video to start with so you get a feel for the complete process and have an awareness of all the required actions.  Experienced DBS Evidence Checkers may find it more useful to re-visit specific sections to answer queries or refresh their memories.

Updates to Note – Since this training video was produced, our DBS provider, CCPAS, have changed their name to Thirtyone:Eight.  The Thirtyone:Eight helpline is now 0303 003 1111.  Some resources referenced in the video have been updated or renamed, so please check to ensure you are working from the latest versions.

To enable you to pick out the section of interest to you, below is a chapter list with the time index for each section.  You can scroll to that time in the embedded video above, or click on the time in the table below to start the video at that point on the YouTube website.

Chapter No. Chapter Title Starts From (mm:ss)
1 Introduction 00:00
2 What Does a DBS Verifier Do and How Do You Register? 03:40
3 The DBS Process in the Diocese of Exeter 09:15
4 Starting the DBS Check 14:30
5 Checking the Applicant’s Identity 19:30
6 Completing the Required Paperwork to Submit the Check 30:40
7 What Happens After the Check is Submitted? 45:54

If after watching the video you have any questions about the DBS process, please email the Diocesan DBS Coordinator or telephone 01392 294975.