Parish Safeguarding Dashboard

The Diocese of Exeter has subscribed to the Parish Safeguarding Dashboards to make it easier for parishes to manage their safeguarding requirements. The Safeguarding Dashboard is an online platform, free for parishes to use and have been designed with easy navigation on any computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Each parish dashboard usually has one ‘owner’, who can update and amend it, and multiple ‘viewers’ who are able to see it’s progress. The dashboard overview page allows the owner and viewers to see the current status of parish compliance with safeguarding at a glance. A green light would mean all is well, amber would mean that action is needed and red would mean urgent action is required.

The advantages for parishes are illustrated in this short video…

Safeguarding Hubs

The Safeguarding Hubs are a new extension of the Safeguarding Dashboards, with the primary function of assisting parishes meet the requirements of the ‘Safer Recruitment and People Management Guidance’. This includes manging recruitment processes, DBS requirements and safeguarding training needs. The hubs are fully integrated into the Safeguarding Dashboards and function in very similar ways. To find out more about the hubs, please read this helpful information and take a look at the promotional video.

How can I sign my parish up for it’s own Safeguarding Dashboard and Safeguarding Hub?

All parishes have already been sent an ‘invitation’ to sign-up to the Parish Dashboard. However, if any parishes have yet to register, they can do so by emailing the Diocesan Safeguarding Team providing the name of the parish and the email addresses of the nominated ‘owner’ and any additional ‘viewers’. The Safeguarding team will then register the users and send out email invites to them so they can start using their dashboard.

Once a parish has started using their ‘Safeguarding Dashboard’ and has moved past Level 1 into Level 2, the owners of the dashboard will have an invitation to become the owner of their parish’s ‘Safeguarding Hub’. Once an owner has accepted the invitation, any additional owners will need to be invited by the new owner.

Help and Support:

  • If you have been sent log in details by the Safeguarding Team and have already registered you can access your dashboard here.
  • If you experience problems registering please email the Diocesan Safeguarding Team.
  • Registered users can also get help with using their dashboard via Parish Dashboards Help and Support.
  • If you experience difficulties entering dates on your parish dashboard, please refer to this ‘How To’ sheet.

Still stuck? No problem, contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team for help.