Safer Recruitment Training Video

Safer Recruitment Training (S1)

Training for Church Officers in the Diocese of Exeter with responsibility for parish appointments

Following Safer Recruitment practices and procedures is vital in trying to identify, deter and reject people unsuitable for working with children and vulnerable adults.  To this end, there is a specialist training module for Safer Recruitment known as S1.

This training video hopes to explain the Safer Recruitment process and requirements for parishes appointing volunteers or recruiting paid workers in the Diocese of Exeter.  If you are responsible for the appointment of a volunteer or worker in your church, hopefully through this video you will better understand your role and responsibilities, and the actions required from you to enable Safer Recruitment in line with Church of England guidance.

With a large amount of detail packed into this video, it may take a significant amount of your time to watch, but we hope that by offering the training content in this format it allows you to undertake the training at a time and place convenient to you and without the need to travel long distances.

Before undertaking any role in appointments you must watch the whole video so you understand the complete process and have an awareness of all the required actions.  Before any subsequent appointments, you may find it more useful to re-visit specific sections to answer queries or refresh your memory.  To enable you to pick out the section of interest to you, below is a chapter list with the time index for each section.  You can scroll to that time in the embedded video above, or click on the time in the table below to start the video at that point on the YouTube website.

Note – Since the making of this video, our DBS provider, CCPAS, have changed their name to ThirtyOne:Eight.

Chapter No. Chapter Title Starts From (mm:ss)
1 Introduction to Safer Recruitment 00:00
2 Responsibility for appointments 04:16
3 Asking About Spent and Unspent Convictions 06:54
4 DBS Eligibility 11:32
5 Role Descriptions and Advertising 24:56
6 Application Forms 28:32
7 References 29:16
8 Confidential Declarations 31:34
9 Interviews 33:46
10 Approval of an Appointment 35:29
11 What Happens When a DBS Disclosure is Not Clear 40:29
12 Induction, Training, Supervision and Reviews 47:36
13 Portability and Referrals to the DBS 52:43



Below are the handouts to accompany the S1 Safer Recruitment training video:

Handout 2 – ROA Exceptions Order

Handout 3 – Church of England roles eligible for a criminal record check

Handout 4 – Regulated activity flowchart

Appendix 7 – DBS Eligibility Practice Guidance

Handout 7 – Model application form

Handout 8 – Model reference form

Confidential Declaration Form

Handout 10 – Model interview – discussion

Handout 11 – Positive and negative interview indicators

Further Safer Recruitment resources can be found on our website here.

If after watching the video you have any questions about the Safer Recruitment process, please contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team using the contact details found on our team page here.